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Archbishop Eamon Martin spoke powerfully about a new Pentecost here in Ireland at a Catholic Conference in Croke Park last summer. He said, “What a transformation took place [on the first Pentecost day in Jerusalem]! A huddled group of frightened and timid followers became a bold band of missionary believers who just could not wait to get out onto the streets and tell others the Good News about Jesus and the hope He brings.

How I long for a New Pentecost in Ireland, for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to transform and renew the faith in this country and spread onwards and outwards in an enthusiastic mission! The power of the Spirit can sometimes lie dormant within us, awaiting the spark that will trigger the explosion of ‘a new Pentecost’, ‘a new springtime’ for faith and friendship with Jesus.” (https://www.catholicbishops.ie/2017/07/13/homily-of-archbishop-eamon-martin-for-mass-at-the-summit-17/)

We will celebrate Pentecost Sunday on the 20th of May this year. Over the coming days, we will pray for a New Pentecost in Ireland. We pray that Irish hearts will be set on fire with love for God and his people. We will also ask the Irish saints to intercede for the Irish people, that our hearts will be transformed so that we will appreciate that every person has a right to be born, to be loved, to be cherished and to make their own unique mark on history.

Fr Seán Maguire