Introduction to Spiritual Transformation

Welcome on Board!

We are about to embark on a spiritually transformative adventure. Before we set out, I want to outline a few different aspects of the programme to you.

  1. Below, we will find three links. In the first section, we will find many prayer suggestions. Consider taking on a new spiritual exercise or two for this series. It is highly recommended that we write down our goals. Researchers have found that we are twice as likely to achieve our goals in life if we put them in writing.
  2. The second section outlines ways in which we can manifest our love for God by loving others. Again, we should decide to perform a few definite acts of love over these weeks. But we must make sure to write them down first!
  3. Spiritual Transformation aims to promote a holistic lifestyle. The third section outlines ways in which we can achieve this.
  4. They say that it is easy to break a stick of wood over one’s knee, but if you put six or more pieces of wood together, it becomes almost impossible. Similarly, our resolutions will be more than likely broken within the first week or two, if we try to carry them out on our own. That’s why it is so important to have the support of a community around us. So get a few people together and go on this transformation journey together! For more on this, please check the ‘Community’ section above.
  5. Many of the great saints kept spiritual journals. I also recommend that we have a journal that is solely dedicated to recording how God is transforming our lives. I will expand on how we can use our prayer journals in one of the daily emails. Just buy a journal or open up an electronic document for this purpose today!
  6. St Paul says ‘be transformed by the renewal of your minds’ (Rom 12: 2). So everyday, an email will be sent directly to those who subscribe to the programme. This daily email will provide us with solid nourishment for each day of our spiritual transformation journey. We should not skim over the words of the daily post, but instead read them slowly and allow the words to enter our minds, to seep down into our hearts and to become part of who we are. In this way, we will be transformed by God!
  7. Most importantly, we should remember that Spiritual Transformation is not a task-oriented programme, but it is a person-oriented time of transformation. The whole purpose and motivation behind our goals and aspirations is to deepen our love for God and not just to accomplish an array of tasks and goals. The ultimate goal of ST is to keep Christ at the centre of all that we do.
  8. Finally, I recommend that we offer our prayers and sacrifices for a specific intention or intentions. This will help us to keep focused especially when the going gets tough. We should form our own specific intentions and write them down. Here are a few suggestions:                                                                                                            >Pray for the participants of the Spiritual Transformation apostolate. It is good to know that there is a band of people praying for us at all times throughout the process. We are all in this mission together!
    >This year, the Irish Church will host the World Meeting of Families. So maybe we could offer our sacrifices and prayers for our own families and pray that homes here in Ireland and across the globe will be transformed into places of love, virtue and prayer.
    >We are living in a very important period in our Irish history. As a result, we are encouraged to pray that Irish hearts will be transformed so that they will appreciate that every person has a right to be born, to be loved, to be cherished and to make their own unique mark on history.