small groups

We see how effective Operation Transformation is at getting communities in order to get fit and develop a healthier lifestyle.
People involved in Spiritual Transformation are likewise encouraged to form groups so that they can get spiritually fit together. Here are just a few suggestions on what we might do during these gatherings:

Recreational activities – e.g. Go for a walk, a cycle or a run. Play a game of football, etc.
Tea – No Irish gathering is complete without a good cup of tea!
Pray together – e.g. Say a rosary, or reflect as a group on the coming Sunday’s Gospel
Reflect on what we have learnt from the daily blogs
Moment of Truth – Reflect on how we are achieving our spiritual transformation goals
Share on how God is transforming our lives and what goals we are struggling to achieve

They say that a single coal won’t burn for long outside the fire and likewise, we will lose enthusiasm for our spiritual transformation if we try to do it alone. So get a few friends together and start your transformation programme today!
Please send in photographs of your group so that we can upload them on to our Facebook page.

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