Spiritual Exercises

One spiritual plan will not fit all, so we have to draw up our own unique Spiritual Transformation plan. If we want to get physically fit, we have to stretch ourselves a little bit each time we exercise. When we are making our spiritual goals, we should ensure that it is challenging enough for us, but at the same time they should be realistic, otherwise, it will not work. It would be better to design a plan that can be easily sustained over the course of the series. Here are a few suggestions, but we have to discern what God is calling each one of us personally to do. It is recommended that we set a time each day for meditative prayer. Ideally, this should take place in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in a church. If this is not possible, we ought to create a place where we can go and pray. This will become our own ‘Operation Theatre,’ the place where God can work on our hearts, while we are in silent prayer! Again, the aim of the plan is to maintain communion with God throughout the course of the day:

Sunday Mass – We must make this a priority.
The Morning Offering – (A Special Spiritual Transformation Morning Prayer can be found in the ‘Tools for the Op’ section.)
Bedtime Prayers
Daily Rosary
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Lectio Divina (Prayerfully pondering the Word) on the daily gospel/coming Sunday
Angelus (12 noon, 6pm)
Daily Mass or attend more than one Mass per week
Period of Preparation for Mass and time for Thanksgiving after Mass
Grace before and after Meals
Divine Mercy Chaplet
Make time for personal prayer with the Lord
Pray with your family/spouse
Daily/Weekly Examination of Conscience
Add in your own devotions and favourite prayers
Morning and Evening Prayer of the Church (see universalis.com for more info)


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